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"I started reading WHAT IT WAS LIKE on my Kindle last Saturday and three hours later I suddenly realized I was still standing at my kitchen counter in my underwear.  I highly recommend this book." -- MaxWebber

"A pitch-perfect portrayal of the zeitgeist of the late-60s, the book moves easily and organically from genre to genre.  It starts out as an innocent love story at a summer camp, then gradually becomes a riveting story of emotional addiction between our two young lovers. ... Peter Seth is a born writer and has knocked it out of the park in his first book." -- Mark Watt

"If you didn't live there and do that, you will feel as if you have after reading WHAT IT WAS LIKE.  Peter Seth deals with class and obsession, two of my favorite subjects, with tremendous authority.  He inhabits the main character so thoroughly, you begin to see the world through the young man's eyes and his adventure becomes yours as he hurtles along toward ... well, I'm no spoiler.  Read the book and find out yourself." -- Laurie H.

"5+ Stars! WOW! WHERE has this author been hiding??? This is an outstanding book! ... This book captures your attention from the second you open the cover and start to read the first page, to everything in-between, and all the way to the end! ... I'll admit I have read some great psychological thrillers, but this book -- this book TRUMPS THEM ALL." -- LaurieHere

"Splendor In the Grass. FINALLY.  A book that portrays how it FEELS to be in young love. Great surprise twist.  I am not an avid reader, but the book was recommended and I couldn't put it down." -- Bonnie Curtis

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