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"One of the most enjoyable novels I have ever read.  The author's way with words was really spectacular. ...  Mr. Seth knows how to get into the inner life of the people he meets and convey this knowledge to the reader in a beautiful and stirring way.  His language just flows and it was very hard to put down because of the magnetic and mysterious quality of his characters." -- Temi Snyder

"Oh my goodness! This is an interesting book -- you won't be able to put it down and you will keep thinking about it for days after you finish it." -- Jennie B.

"A very taut, beautifully constructed thriller with a teen narrator who will convince you of his innocence then knock your socks off with his treachery.  I liked the writing, the story, and couldn't wait to get back to it every night.  I am a slow reader and I read this fast.  Get it!" -- marcus

"This book came to my rescue when I was sick.  I looked forward to reading it and sort of forgot my illness.  I found the writing to be clear and straight-forward and the plot thoroughly compelling." -- Vee Bee

"I have to say that I really got lost in this book.  I kept thinking that it seemed so real.  I even flipped back to the copyright page to make sure that it was fiction. Lol.  This book was that realistic for me. ...  I really liked this book.  It is a great first novel!!!" -- Patty McCormick

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