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"From the first page of the Editor's Note to the very last page, WHAT IT WAS LIKE is a mesmerizing page turner that won't let you put it down.  It is a story of obsession and passion and what can go terribly wrong with that combination.  Peter Seth's novel paints a vivid picture of the time and place his characters live in.  This is an amazing first novel." -- Edward Russell

"I couldn't put WHAT IT WAS LIKE down -- a page-turned from the start with beautifully drawn characters and a mesmerizing story of doomed obsessive love.  The relationships between parents and children and the meaning of friendship and the unfortunate consequences of hiding the truth are powerfully brought home in this compelling story from talented writer Peter Seth." -- Hollace Davids

"I haven't been this captivated by a story in ages.  It brought back memories of the time when first love was so powerful that nothing else mattered.  Most of us don't suffer such extreme consequences but reading this was both pain and pleasure.  I couldn't stop reading but was sad when the story ended.  Please do yourself a favor and read this book!" -- C3

****Four out of five stars -- "Well, this is a surprising little story.  This is supposedly an account of actions and inactions written by a convict for his lawyer.  Of course, you know something bad happened or he wouldn't be a convict but ... it's not what you think.  Even after you real that part in the story and know what happened, there are still surprises around the corners.  The narrator is an interesting character as are the others in the story.  It's hard to put down.  Very tight writing.  Worth a look." -- Cindy Lacy

"Rarely have I been swept-away and enthralled by any fiction as I have with this magnificent first novel by the prodigiously talented Mr. Seth.  I was forced from a sound sleep to wake in order to find out what happens next.  It puts me in a special place -- and makes me feel what it really was like.  May this be the first of many engaging works by this disciplined yet imaginative artist." -- bookmaven

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