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"A very fast paced read and hard to put down." -- Marisa T.

"Very unusual and quite compelling ...  It's a real page turner and I didn't want it to end." -- Alexandra

"Loved it!  This story captures how obsession can make a totally 'together' teen make totally bad choices.  Although it was fiction, it really made me feel as if it were a true story right up to the final page." -- Terri G.

"WOW!!! I just finished this book and what a page turner.  This is the debut novel from author Peter Seth and I couldn't put it down. ... It starts off like other typical novels that you have read but that's where it ends.  Just when you think you know where the story is headed, it changes directions.  It's a roller coaster ride to the very last page. ... I highly recommend this book but offer this warning ... be careful because you won't want to put it down until the last page is turned!" -- Book Bug

*****(Five stars) -- I got an advance reading copy of WHAT IT WAS LIKE, and the next thing I knew I was immersed in reading this delicious page-turner that I couldn't put it down.  I loved the vivid characters, the juicy detail and the whole absorbing world that Peter Seth created -- beautifully evoking the thrill, passion and turmoil of young love.  He is a master storyteller and I can't wait to read more of his work.  If you like great writing (with just the right amount of heartbreak mixed in), I highly recommend getting your hands on a copy of this book." -- Melissa C.

"I could not put this book down, reading into the early hours.  Rivetting!!  And when I read the last word I was astounded.  Is what I read a fictional novel?  Or is it based on truth?  Was it an autobiography?  Or is this debut author a masterful, first-rate storyteller that has my head reeling still?  Outstanding!! ... My prediction ... in the coming days, weeks, months, this book will become a best-seller!!! And Peter Seth will be a familiar name in the literary world!!  An extraordinary read!!!  Bravo Mr. Seth!! -- Cheryl "Mash"

"What a debut! WHAT IT WAS LIKE by Peter Seth will take the reader back through time to 1968.  For young adult readers, this will be a snapshot of the past with a theme that is easily related to.  For those who lived this era, it is a guided tour down memory lane with the vivid descriptions and attitude of the times.  For suspense lovers who love the unknown turns ahead and the ending that you could not see coming, you have met your next great intrigue through the words of Peter Seth.  Mr Seth writes with a crisp and clean style that moves along at high tension throughout.  His plot is well-designed, his world is 3-dimensional and his characters jump off the pages, begging to tell their story through amazing dialogue and action.  Powerful reading with brilliant plot twists that had me glued to each page as I was crossing genres with this author!" -- Dii (from Florida)

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