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Howard Stern

I listen to too much Howard Stern, but I have an explanation. Or multiple explanations.

First of all, every writer needs procrastination. It's part of the job description. Any writer worth his salt has to find ways to waste time, and solitaire takes you only so far. (Actually, my solitaire is on-line bridge, a couple of hands at a time, until I drive myself back to my notes and the draft I'm working on.)

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Welcome To My Blog!

I'm going to be blogging here every Tuesday and every Friday, talking about everything that interests me and, I hope, interests all or some of you out there. Some of what I'll be blogging about will relate to my new novel WHAT IT WAS LIKE, but a lot of it will just be random thoughts and observations. I'll try to tell the truth about things as I see them, and maybe someone out there will respond.

Generally speaking, I am a very lucky person, and I love my life. (I don't want to jinx things, but I said that I was going to try to be honest.) I grew up around New York City, in the village of Valley Stream on Long Island, and now I live in southern California, in the little city of La Canada Flintridge, about six miles from the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. I have a wonderful wife Buffy, two terrific "children" (my son Jesse is 31; my daughter Daisy is 27), and Jesse's wife Katrina is going to have a baby next month, so I'm going to be a grandfather soon. Ain't life great?

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